15 Free Keyword Research Tools,Super Charge Your SEO

15 Free Keyword Research Tools

If you are a new to SEO, or have been in this field for a while, you may have realized that having the best keyword research tool helps save a lot of time and headache. Basically, you need a keyword list generator to generate the primary SEO keyword and then LSI keywords for you content.

Finding the right keywords is not optional. In fact, the success or failure of your site or blog is based on it. You post or article will get exposure only if it has the right keywords that you have both search volume and you can rank prominently for.

Before Google Hummingbird, marketers focused on incorporating relevant keywords without caring about user experience. Relevant keywords and keyword density is all they cared about . But after Google launched Hummingbird update, things changed. Now, technical aspects hold less importance and user experience holds much more value. What matters now is finding the right long tail keywords, bounce rate, search intent and the like. If you have no idea how to go about doing the research and finding long tail keywords, you may want to try out the following free keyword research tools 2015.

  1. Google


Google has a lot of free keyword research tools. If you are a newbie, you may want to try out Google Suggest first, which is the easiest to use Google keyword research tool. This is not an app and hence you don’t have to download anything off the web for keyword research. Google Suggest is actually a simple drop-down menu that shows up when you type a few letters or words in the search field. Based on the user searchers, Google decides on the order of the search term appearing on the drop-down list. Therefore, this tool gives you an insight into potential keywords.


Also another great source for keyword ideas and phrases is at the bottom of your search results page. You will normally get a section called Searches Related. Here you will a number of search phrases related to your target keywords. This section can really get you thinking and open your eyes to keywords that you would have never thought of that are related to your niche. Normally it will generate 8 related searches depending on the popularity of the seed keyword.

Searches Related Google Keyword Ideas

On the other hand, Google Trends tends to visualize the increasing interest for specific terms over a period of time. Besides, it also shows interests in certain regions in addition to identify relevant searches based on general topics and specific queries. It is clear from the name of the tool itself that it is a very useful, easy to use keyword suggestion tool to read up on trending topics, current issues and buzzwords.

Google Trends

And we shouldn’t forget about Google Adwords, which is designed especially for campaign planning. Also, it offers a helping hand to find out search volumes for certain keywords. As far as competition analysis goes, this information holds a significant amount of importance. So, it is a great idea to cross check the keywords you got from Google Suggest,Google Trends & Related Searches with the help of the Keyword Planner, which will help you filter out search terms with the lowest competition.



  • When used together, the Google keyword tools give you an insight into potential keywords.
  • You can take advantage of all metrics like related searches, development of queries and search volume.


  • To access different Google keyword suggestions tools, you need to open up multiple tabs and have to switch between them to access desired information.
  • You don’t have the option to export the keyword report or file.


2. Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery 1

This is another free keyword generator software providing a list of keywords for a certain term. Besides, Keyword Discovery gives you the search volume of last year for the same keywords.


  • Keyword Discovery shows how many times each keyword phrase has been searched for during the past one year.
  • The keyword research tool compiles and collects keyword data from loads of toolbar browsers and hundreds of search engines.


  • The free version of this tool doesn’t give you more than 100 results.


  1. SEO Book


The first step to use SEO Book is to sign up. After that you can get daily search volumes for Google, Bing and Yahoo! for the given keywords. Aside from this, SEO Book offers SEO metrics like monthly value and CPC.


  • This keyword tool allows you to save the keyword list in CSV format.
  • You don’t have to pay a penny to get daily search volume, related keyword metrics, CPS price estimates and monthly value.


  • You can’t use the keyword research tool without signing up
  • The keyword tool gives you an entire keyword list in addition to single terms that can be exported. For other tasks, you are bound to use other tools provided by SEO Book free of charge.


  1. Wordstream


The free version of this online free keyword research tool allows you to make 30 searchers. All you have to do is input a search term in the given field and the keyword generator will generate and show related keyword ideas. Based on the relative frequency, the results will be listed. Apart from this, it allows you to email all the keywords to your given email address.


  • You can customize the first page by ticking the Adult Keyword Filter On box just below the search bar.
  • You can email the keyword list and then download in CSV format.
  • There is an option to “nichefy” the keywords to show relevant groups where the keywords fits.


  • The only metric that comes with the free version is relative frequency.
  • You are required to input your email address for access to the list of keywords.


5. Übersuggest


Ubersuggest is one of the simplest keyword research tools for SEO. Before you hit the “Suggest” button, you need to enter a keyword and choose a source and a language. The tool will then show up suggestions for the entered term. Besides, for some keywords, further suggestions are available that can be retrieved by clicking on the related word.


  • This keyword generator is at your disposal without signing up
  • The keyword appear in alphabetic order
  • The tool allows you to filter the results for numbers or letters
  • Keyword lists can be generated and exported through copy and paste


  • There is no way to find out the completion level for the keywords


  1. Keyword IO


With Keyword IO, you can enter a phrase and choose a country from the drop down list to make a search for keywords. The keyword suggestion tool will give you an overview of keyword phrase drawn from Google. You will get to see top 10 search results and keyword trends too.


  • The home page is user friendly
  • The keywords are sorted in alphabetic and long-tail order.
  • The keyword list is downloadable
  • For the keyword entered, you can get related URLs as well


  • After first query, you have to sign up
  • You can download keyword list only after registration
  • Further explanation is required by some metrics


  1. Serpstat

Serp Stat Logo

If you are looking for long tail keywords, Serpstat is the best choice. Serpstat gives you a list of certain keyword based on the selected domain of Google. Furthermore, the results can be filtered for the keywords starting with the search term or based on “only questions”. After hitting the search button, you will get search results spread on many pages. This tool is an ideal choice for beginners and experts.


  • Gives results from various Google domains
  • Comes with “auto complete” feature
  • Gives you the option to show results based on “all”, “start with the term” or “only questions”.


  • You cannot export a keyword file unless you have signed up
  • The tool gives no metrics for initial evaluation .


  1. Keyword Eye


Keyword Eye is a keyword generator with a free plan allowing you to make 10 keyword searchers on a daily basis, 100 keyword suggestions with each report and as many as Twenty five Google country databases. Once you have signed up, you are at liberty to customize your keyword research based on your needs. For instance, you can get customized results related to the main keyword, a set of specific keywords or you can also search through Autosuggest.


  • The ability to customize the research query
  • Based on your taste, you can customize how the results show up
  • You can make a comparison of the keywords based on relevant metrics like competition and search volume
  • It’s easy to include some keywords in another list to download it later on.


  • The tool is useless unless you have signed up.



9. Wordtracker

Word_Tracker_ Logo

The homepage of Wordtracker is designed well, and allows you to start your keyword research. All you have to do is enter your keyword and press the search button on the right side. You will be shown 10 keywords with the search volume. By continuing your search, you can see the competition level for the keywords. Next, you can work out the Key Efficiency Index (KEI), which will let you know about the highest keyword potential.

Note: this keyword discovery tool allows you to search keywords for up to 10 search terms. Afterwards you may have to sign up.


10) Soovle (free)

soovle logo

If you have a lot of digital channels that you need keyword research quickly done for, you may want to give a go to Soovle. (If you have absolutely no idea how to pronounce this word, you are not alone).

Soovle gives you a hand with the exploration of the most frequently used keywords on different search engines on the basis of the main keyword you typed in. The results will include keywords from eBay and Amazon too.

It’s not limited to a keyword research tool; it also works as an ideal brainstormer. You type your ideas into it and it generates its ideas automatically in the blink of an eye.


  • Works extremely fast
  • It’s totally free to use


  • Doesn’t display search volume or competition level


11) KeywordSpy


KeywordSpy is another powerful keyword research tool that allows you to do keyword research with ease. The tool has 7 tabs namely Overview, Ads, Related, Similar, Misspell, PPC Competitors, and Organic Competitors.

This online keyword research tool comes with a trial version, which lets you use its amazing features for free of charge.


  • Web based tool. No installation is required.
  • Easy to use
  • Helps you with all your SEO campaigns


  • Requires you to pay for the premium version

 keyword spy

12) Wordtracker Scout (Chrome extension)

Word Tracker Scout

If you are after a keyword generator allowing you to do your keyword research efficiently, then Wordtracker Scount is probably one of the best Google Chrome keyword suggestion extension.

All you have to do is install Scount on Chrome and analyze all the web pages of your choice. You can then get keyword ideas for marketing in addition to a competitive insight into the keywords. What Scount does is using Wordtracker’s powerful database of millions of keywords to give you the market intelligence.

Scout Consists of a number of tabs, such as Summary tab, Insights tab, Keywords tab and Save to Wordtracker.


  • Helps you find out the keywords your competitors incorporates in their websites or blogs
  • Helps you find out about the relevancy of the keywords to the page
  • Gives you accurate long tail keyword list
  • Shows keyword research volumes based on various regions
  • Allows you to save the lists to Wordtracker account you create


  • A bit more complex than other keyword research tools


13) inBoundio Marketing Software (Chrome extension)


This free online keyword research tool is a simple inbound marketing app in the form of Google Chrome extension. It helps you with keyword research, email marketing and CRM.



  • No need to download a big app or make monthly payments
  • Very easy to use
  • Ideal Chrome extension for SEO campaigns



  • Can’t be used with other Internet browsers


14) Website Grader (Chrome extension)

 website grader

If you can spare 5 minutes a day for the SEO of your site, Website Grader is for you. This Chrome extension is on the list of top keyword research tools. This tool helps you grade your site, plan and do tasks for boosting your SEO bottom line and measuring and comparing keyword performance.



  • Website graders has a lot of features, such as Site Grader, SEO Dashboard, Task Manager, and SEO Toolkit with 5 powerful SEO tools.



  • You have to install Chrome to make use of this extension

website grader

15) FREE Keyword Tool by adCore (Chrome extension)


adCore offers this best keyword research tool designed especially for PPC campaigns. In 2012 and 2013, this tool was the top external keyword tool. No matter whether you are interested in SEM, PPC or SEO, this free keyword research tool should be at your disposal.




  • This tool gives you Google keyword ideas, search terms and the power to general thousands of keywords in seconds.


  • The search results can be filtered




  • You have to register for full access to the powerful tool.



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