20 Awesome Chrome Plugins for Social Media

Social Media has exploded in the last number of years and having a Social Media Presence is essential for any Business. This Coupled with the growing importance of Social Signals as a ranking factor for your website it has become more and more important to have a strong social media presence online . These Chrome Plugins will help you optimise your time and results with your various social channels.

BuzzMarker – Chrome Extension for BuzzStream.

Buzz Marker

BuzzStream is a great way to capture Social Media metrics and other data about sites that you may wish to add to your prospect or marketing list.Buzz maker

The BuzzStream BuzzMarker sits on your browser and lets you collect Social Media and contact information from
any website that you visit without having to stop what you are doing and visit your BuzzStream account.

The Buzzmarker is a free browser extension but it requires you to be a subscriber to the BuzzStream service – a Free Trial is available so you can see if it suits your way of working.

Download Here


Chrome Extension for Buffer


The problem with having an active online social life is that it takes time to write all those posts, tweets and so on. When you need to do it as part of your business marketing strategy then you have to find that time – or do you?

Buffer is a clever tool that makes it much easier to share what you want to say on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and lets you prepare your content in advance and then just add it to Buffer where it will be posted for you, automatically.

Buffer posts your material in a well-spaced out way, taking into account when the best times for posting your kind of content may be. You can, of course, schedule it for yourself if you prefer.

Buffer’s Chrome extension makes this process still simpler by sitting in your browser and letting you add content to your Buffer queue as you discover it. This is one Chrome extension that will make your life a lot easier – and it’s free, (but you need a Buffer subscription in order to use it, which isn’t free but there is a free trial option).

Download Here


Giphy for Chrome


Giphy is an app that enables you to easily search for animated Gifs online and then download them and use them in social media posts and elsewhere. Tools are provided to upload your own video files for conversion into animated Gifs and Giphy are constantly expanding the number of platforms and formats that they support.

The Giphy extension for Chrome lets you search for Gifs from within your browser window without the need to go to the Giphy site – just click the button in your tool bar and search for whatever you want.

It’s free to download and use, and so is Giphy itself, although they do offer paid services for businesses who want to use the power of Gifs to extend their marketing activities by way of their Partners scheme.

Download Here


Hootlet Chrome Extension by Hootsuite


Hootsuite has been around since 2008 and has established itself as a leader in the field of social Media management. Anyone who needs to make regular posts to social media websites probably needs Hootsuite or something similar.

Hootsuite’s added capabilities of monitoring social media “buzz” about your brand or related keywords, and a first Hootlet 2class reporting and analytics tool, makes it a no-brainer for business users.


The Hootlet Chrome Extension enables you to capture web content from within your browser without having to load the Hootsuite system; just browse, discover and add the content to Hootlet. The Hootlet Chrome Extension is free of charge and you can get a free Hootsuite account for personal use, with some restrictions. Paid accounts start at £6.99.

Download Here



Rite Tag

RiteTag is a useful set of social media tools for use mainly by businesses who need to use social media to promote their brand. Focusing on the use of hashtags and other properties for making your social posts easier to find by the right people, RiteTag is a must-have facility for everyone who needs visibility online and especially in the social space.

Rite Tag 1

It’s a fact that well-chosen hashtags can make a vast difference to your chances of being found by those searching for a particular topic on social media sites. Knowing which hashtags to use, however, is tricky and easy to get wrong so RiteTag can help you to get the results you need, whatever business you’re in.

The RiteTag app is free and you can get a free trial of the RiteTag system too but, ongoing, it is a paid service with plans to suit all levels of user.

Download Here



Socail bro 2

SocialBro describe their service succinctly as “everything you need to optimise your Twitter strategy” and that may well be the case. They’ve certainly built up a following with over 10,000 organisations using their services but, for me, as an active social media marketer, the decision to concentrate only on Twitter makes it less likely as a contender for those handling a wider ranging social marketing brief.

Socail Bro

Nonetheless, SocialBro is well-respected and is certainly a force to be reckoned with so you should certainly consider it carefully. They’ve made the SocialBro Chrome extension to the Google App store and you can download it free. SocialBro is also free to use if your social following count is less than 5000 so smaller businesses can benefit from the facilities at no cost.

Download Here


pocket logo

Pocket was designed in order to enable people to save articles, videos and other content that they find on the web for later use. Once content is saved to Pocket it is added to a content list which is visible on any device, be it smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

Pocket, which claims to be the world’s leading “save-for-later service” has over 17 million registered users worldwide. It is currently integrated into 1500 or more apps and is available for most devices and operating systems.

Pocket 2

The Pocket Chrome extension is free of charge. Just browse away and when you find something that you would like to look at later just put it in Pocket. Pocket automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer which enables you to view it at any time, even when you are offline.

Download Here

Instagram for Chrome


Created by app developer 64px, Instagram for Chrome enables users to use Instagram directly from their browsers.

One of the fastest growing social media platforms, Instagram is an online system for sharing mobile photos and videos combined with a social networking service to enable users to take pictures and videos with their mobile devices and then share them across various social networking platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr.

The Chrome extension, which is free of charge, uses a familiar Instagram style interface which makes it easy for users to browse sites and like and/or comment on images. Users can also click on any @name or #hashtag in order to browse through.

Download Here




Shareaholic describes itself as a “content amplification platform” and is a tool that is most likely to be used by website owners to generate revenue from their sites or by advertisers wishing to promote their products or services on social Media by way of content marketing.

The Chrome extension is a free download but Shareaholic itself is not a free to use service; although signing up for Shareholic 2an account is free.

Shareaholic is really the domain  of the professional digital Marketer who wants to extend the reach of his/her marketing by sharing content across social Media and other sites and the Chrome extension is designed to assist with this process by making it available without having to go to the Shareaholic website.

The Chrome extension sits on the toolbar and enables you to share any webpage that you discover with familiar services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Mail, WordPress, and many others

Download Here


Pinterest Pin It Button


There can be only a few people who use the Internet regularly and have not heard of Pinterest – the visual bookmarking tool. Many of those, however, may not use the service because, well, it all takes time. Well, now it can take a lot less time thanks to the Pin it button.

Pin it Button 2

When you see something that you would like to add to your Pinterest account just hit the button and that’s it – the image is instantly pinned to your Pinterest board.

The extension is free to download, as is the Pinterest service, so get yours soon.

Download Here


Klout Chrome Extension



The Klout score was originally seen as a method for measuring someone’s level of visibility, influence and engagement within the realm of social Media. To an extent it still is although there are many other aspects to Klout, including the ability to share content and grow your social influence as a result.

The Klout Chrome extension operates by letting you click and add content which you want to share with others on social media. It also shows how sharing that content has affected your own Klout score – very useful as the score is not always easy to get.

The Chrome extension is free, as is the basic Klout service but for business users there is a lot of Klout’s product that is chargeable.

Download Here




CrowdRiff, the publishers of Riffle, operate a powerful a feature-rich platform for making use of your social Media rifflecontacts and content at an in-depth level.

Riffle gives you the capability to build instant rapport with anyone on Twitter and gives you a good idea as to the likely value of every user you research so that you can then prioritise your engagement with that person and make it more personal and likely to succeed.

This extension is probably more suited to professional marketers but it is available free and can be used by anyone. There’s a version for Hootsuite too.

Download Here


Rapportive Extension For Gmail


Rapportive adds a very useful facility to your Gmail Inbox interface – it tells you about the people and organisations that are communicating with you. When I receive an email from someone that I am not familiar with, Rapportive tells me all it knows about them on the right hand side on the right hand side of the Gmail dashboard.

The data it retrieves is taken from their LinkedIn profile so its obviously no use if your correspondent isn’t on LinkedIn, (unlikely, these days). The reason for this is simple, LinkedIn owns Rapportive!

The Chrome extension is free and is, by the way, also available for Firefox. I use it all the time and wouldn’t want to be without it – it’s good to know a bit about the people you are doing business with.

Download Here



Bitly is without doubt one of the most useful services I’ve ever come across. It is, of course, a URL shortening service that has been around since 2008 and claims to shorten 600 million links per month.

Anyone who has ever composed a Tweet and found that, when they add a URL, the 140 character count becomes BITLY 2much, much, lower, will appreciate Bitly. Lots of people do and now it is available as a free Chrome extension that enables you to save and share links from within your Chrome browser. The Extension also lets you add notes to Bitlinks or add them to bundles.

There is, however, more to this extension than just that – it also a couple of features that make your life even easier. For example, when you activate the Bitly Chrome extension it can display additional information about any Bitly link that you hover your mouse over and it can alert you if one of your Bitly links starts picking up high volumes of click traffic. It also automatically copies any links you save straight to your clipboard which saves time.

They’ve even come up with a super time saving tool within the extension that enables you to instantly shorten and copy a Bitlink with a single click.

Download Here


Discoverly Chrome Extension


The free Discoverly extension for Chrome browser sits quietly watching while you browse and then, when you go onto a site or open a profile, it tells you everything it knows about that person or organisation.

Discoverly state that their app helps you to “use social data more intelligently” and they could well be right. What it certainly does is bring together layers of information from different sources; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail and presents it to you in an easily digestible and easy to use format.

discoverly 2

When using Gmail you will see the social profiles of your contacts together with any mutual contacts and any recent Tweets. On LinkedIn and Facebook a similar function takes place showing info taken from social profiles. It could be said that Discoverly is particularly well suited to those who need to network as it makes finding information about those you need to connect with, much more convenient.

Download Here




It’s probably fair to say that Google+ is one of the least well-understood and least used of the large social network platforms. In fact it’s debatable whether it really is a social media platform at all, integrated as it is with everything else Google that you’re likely to be using, including Maps, Places, Gmail and Blogger.

The concept of “circles” is a core feature of Google+ and building circles is important if you are to really benefit from the networking power of Google+.

Enter CircleCount who have made it their mission to help us to get on top of G+ and its quirkiness.

With this browser extension they have enabled users to get additional information on any Google+ profile or page circle countwithout having to leave Google+.

When viewing a G+  profile or page this extension presents a “hovercard” which displays a large amount of information about the subject including number of followers, average response to recent posts, the last publicly made post, the country of origin and whether the person is following you or not.

The extension is free and in the right hands would make a powerful addition to Chrome.

Download Here


Evernote Web Clipper

evernote web clipper

Evernote is well established as a convenient way of changing how you organise work. With it you can take notes, keep a track of you “to do” list and save things you come across whilst searching online.

Evernote will then sync all of that information between your mobile devices and your computer completely automatically.

Now they’ve made that process much easier with this Chrome extension – “Goodbye, bookmarks. Hello, Web Clipper.”

With Evernote Web Clipper installed in your browser you can clip web pages as you are browsing and store them all in Evernote ready to be quickly found and used afterwards.

The extension is free and a basic version of Evernote can also be had for free although more features come with the paid version.


Download Here




Well, someone had to do it and now someone has – a Chrome extension for people who have too many Chrome extensions!

If you decide to install a number of the above chrome plug-in on your p.c it may be worth considering this also because too many installs can slow down & clutter up your p.c.

Extensity is a free download and can be enabled or disabled as required so it doesn’t take yet more of your precious browser toolbar space.

When it’s time to declutter your toolbar, it’s time for Extensity.

Download Here


Social Analytics

socail analytcts

This extension is one of many now appearing which offers to display Social Media information about a URL. There are all sorts of problems associated with this kind of activity due to the way in which different Social Media sites provide such data and it is common to find discrepancies between the statistics displayed on a social media page and the numbers supplied by the site’s API.


This is partly due to the fact that Facebook, Twitter and so on all charge for the use of their API data and there are socail analytictssocial analytic services out there that charge serious money for such information. URL data is also very specific and can vary, say, between a “www” version of a page, and a “non www” version.

That being said, if you want a quick snapshot of social activity and you are prepared to accept that it may not be totally accurate, and almost never in real-time, then Social Analytics is a popular and free Chrome extension that will give you just that.

It is a slight concern that the extension hasn’t been updated since 2014 and a lot has happened since then but the author does reply to queries in person so it certainly seems that he is still taking an active interest in it.

Download Here


logo lets pass

LastPass is a free to download password management extension that enables you to just remember one single password and use it to access all your online services so if you are managing a number of social accounts personally this could be a handy plug-in for you. A paid-for premium version extends the capability across multiple devices and may be necessary for those who regularly use, for example, a desktop when in the office and a smartphone or tablet when on the move.

lets pass

Although such services are very convenient there is, of course, a downside – if you only need one password to access all of your services, so too does anyone who steals, borrows or uses your computer when you’re not around. For this reason I would certainly stop short of storing bank and other financial or very personal service passwords on this extension.

LastPass has over 3.5M downloads so obviously lots of people find it useful, it’s free so why not give it a try, here’s the link:

Download Here

I hope you find the above list of Chrome Plugins helpful in your day to day social media activities. If you have any other plugins you use fell to leave a comment.


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