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Hello Guys my name is William and as my Blog title suggest i am a Digital Marketing Explorer. I have a background in Business and over the years i have seen the benefits of leverageing digital marketing in order tkeep-calm-and-do-digital-marketing-1o generate revenue. I have always had a passion
for all things Digital & Like many other busy Digital Marketers i find it hard to keep up with the ever evolving digital landscape. So i decided to set up this blog to share some of the knowledge i have gained on my digital adventure.



I recently decided to do a post grad in digital marketing in order to gain  further knowledgeinto other areas of Digital Marketing that i previously lacked experience in quiet hard to do while working but well worth it. It benefited me greatly and i gained some great insights and knowledge from leading individuals in their given fields.


So now my digital Adventure continues feel free to join me as i Swashbuckling my way through the ever changing Digital Arena!

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I am available for any Digital Marketing work you may have feel free to contact me i would love to hear about any exciting projects you may have.


I enjoy working with small to medium size business and helping then realize their digital goals:)