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Google Algorithm Updates 2014 Google is constantly fine tuning and improving their algorithm. So it essential for Digital Marketer’s to stay up to date with all the latest updates or your clients website will suffer, what works today may not tomorrow!!


2015 Google Algorithm Updates

Panda 4.2 (17,July)

Panda 4.2 is not an update, but a refresh. Technically, Panda 4.2 is not an update: Google didn’t introduce new signals, it just reapplied the same signals on new data” Read more


Quality Update (3 May)

Also know as the “Phantom Update”. As the name suggest it now rewards sites  promoting quality content  & good user experience and punishing those who dont. Explore More


Mobilegeddon or the more boring name Mobile Update, (April,22)

Main aim to promote website that have mobile friendly sites in google mobile search results. If you are not sure test your webpage here in Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool

This update:
  • Affects only search rankings on mobile devices
  • Affects search results in all languages globally
  • Applies to individual pages, not entire websites (source: Google web-master central blog)


Main Recent Updates of Note


Mobile Friendly Update


Was announced with great hype and fanfare and many dubbed it Mobilegeddon it hit the web on the April 21th 2015. With the current big shift from desktop to mobile viewing of the web, Google decided to reward websites that have mobile friendly pages in Google mobile search results. You can ensure your website is mobile friendly by using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Humming Bird


Hummingbird was rolled out August 30 2013 Matt Cutts said that it will effect 90% of all search. This was quiet a major update it transformed Google’s Algorithm. It started a new generation of search.”Semantic search,  is a data searching technique in a which a search query aims to not only find keywords, but to determine the intent and contextual meaning of the words a person is using for search”

  • Intent. It denotes what the searcher is looking for.
  • Context, which describes everything that gives their search phrase a meaning.

This article shows a number of examples of Semantic Search 


Google Penguin


First rolled on April 24th 2012, with the sole purpose of  decreasing search engine ranking for those who were in breach of Google web master guidelines. Google were now on the hunt for the Black Hat community, those who artificially inflated the number of backlinks to their sites by underhand methods such as bots,link schemes or private blog networks. A number of updates have been released in the last number of years as they fine tune the algorithm. Some recent updates now allow sites that have been previously penalised to remove spammy links and regain ranking again by using the Google disavow link tool.


 Google Panda


Google Panda was first introduced in Febuary 2011. The main aim here was to prevent sites with poor quality content reaching the top of search results. It put a stop to spammers using spun spammy content thrown out by bots been able to rank sites highly in search results. This algorithm is periodically updated by Google and this trend is set to continue.  This can only be a good thing for users as website owners must now focus on relevant quality useful content for its visitors in order to rank in search results.

Additional Resources

  1. Search Engine Land. This has to be your first port of call for any major or minor Google Algorithm updates, it analyses and studies all these changes and monitors when they are rolling out. It was worth a visit once a week to stay abreast with any industry news. Click here to look at the latest Algorithm Change
  2. The SEM Post, has a section on Google that looks in detail at every Google change it is a great source of information.Click Here
  3. Moz,   Also has a very popular page on Algorithm History Changes, mapping all Google Algorithm changes from 2000 to 2015.Click Here


How Google Makes Improvements to its Search Algorithm

Behind the sense video on what’s involved in a Algorithm change in Google HQ

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