How Do Search Engines Work?

Start your Search Engines!

This may seem a like a simple question:) But many of us are not 100% on how search engines work.

Unless you know how they work, how can you ever expect to rank in them successfully and consistently.

Googles Matt Cutts take time to answer this question and outlines how Google search engine & Algorithm works and the factors it looks for when ranking websites in search results.

For those who may not know who Matt Cutts is, He  leads up Google’s Webspam team and works with the search quality team on search engine optimization issues. Check out his blog for more insights on SEO and Google



It highlights the importance of obtaining links to your site (votes) in order to rank your site in search engines.

Importance should always be put on quality and not quantity when putting a back-link strategy together ideally links from high authority websites within your niche or greater Industry/sector will obtain greater results. They may be harder to obtain but are worth there weight in Gold when you do get them.

Additional Resources

If you want to learn more about how Search Engines work then have at look a Moz’s how do search engines operate.



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