How Email Marketing helps you to Grow Your Business

Email marketing is the process of sending relevant, interesting marketing messages about products and services to a certain audience through electronic mail in a timely fashion. When done well, email marketing plays an effective role in promoting a business or service on the web.

Why use Email marketing?

Why use Email marketing

Importance of email marketing in the here and now.

  • 91% of the people who use the web use email on a daily basis, according to Exact Target Channel Survey 2012
  • 66% of the users made a purchase after coming to know about the product via email. On the other hand, only 20% users made a purchase through Facebook
  • In 2011, the Return on Investment (ROI) for each dollar invested in email marketing was $41 (DMA – 2011)
  • In 2012, the ROI on one pound invested in email marketing was £28.50. (UK Direct Marketing Association Response Rate Report)

What Email Marketing services are Available

What Email Marketing services are Available

Below are some powerful email marketing services that you can use for email marketing. Using these services can ensure your email marketing success.

  • GetResponse Email Marketing
  • iContact Email Marketing
  • Campaigner Email Marketing
  • MailChimp Email Marketing
  • BenchMark Email Marketing
  • Campaign Monitor Email Marketing
  • Constant Contact Email Marketing
  • VerticalResponse Email Marketing
  • AWeber Email Marketing

Difference between legitimate email marketing and SPAM

Difference between legitimate email marketing and SPAM


Spam is unsolicited bulk email (UBE). Primarily is an email that the recipient never agrees to have it in his inbox. Usually, spammers look for and collect email address off the web from a large number of sites, Google Groups, WHOIS pages and so on. At times, they also buy them. The emails sent by these spammers are unwelcomed and marked as spam by the recipients

Legitimate email marketing

This is an opt-in email, which means you express your agreement to get announcements, newsletters or other marketing materials from a certain service provider. Sending this type of emails are perfectly fine and legal as long as the products or services being promoted are legal.

Below are some main characteristics of spam emails

  • They are sent to millions of users
  • The address of the sender is usually hidden or fake
  • It’s almost impossible to unsubscribe

Below are some major characteristics of legitimate emails

  • You can unsubscribe anytime
  • Emails are customized
  • The number of recipients are not so high
  • They are sent with your prior permission
  • The sender’s address is visible and legitimate
  • These emails are often sent via legit email marketing apps

Must Have Tools That You Should Use to Build a Huge List

Must Have Tools That You Should Use to Build a Huge List

Building an email list is of paramount importance for a powerful, effective email marketing campaigns. You can use these tools, for example, to strengthen you campaign.


Popups work irrespective of the fact that many people hate them. For growing email list, putting a popup on your site or blog is recommended.

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways can help you grow your list in short order, so hold contests for giveaways every now and then.


Facebook and email go hand in hand like chocolate and peanut butter. In fact, they are an ideal match.

Home Pages & Coming Soon Pages

Home Pages & Coming Soon Pages

Home pages play a vital role in any email marketing campaign. Make sure your site has a professional landing/home page.

Your 1st Step to Attract and Capture the Leads

Your 1st Step to Attract and Capture the Leads

Ask for emails in a polite manner

Use a polite manner to ask for emails. All you need to do is make sure that your practices do not create a content barrier. You can use the following methods to ask for email addresses with causing any disturbance:

1. Pop-up at the End of Your Content

The majority of readers make the subscription decision after they have gone through content on a site or blog. If a pop-up shows up as soon as a reader opens your site, they will have to make this decision right away, which may annoy them. Therefore, it is a good idea to show a pop-up at the end of content. For this purpose, you can use WordPress subscribe Pro plug-in.

2. Pop-up When a User Decides to Leave

This trick can give you much more subscriptions. What you have to do is show up a pop-up when a user is about to leave your site. For instance, the pop-up shows appear when they hit the close button. This can get 445 to 470 subscribers for your site.

For quality pop-up services, you can check out OptinMonster. You can visit their site for demo of this service.

3. Slide in a Request after a Page Scrolls

This is another great method to capture emails. This works by showing a request to subscribe when a user scrolls down a certain percentage of a page. It works like a charm. This will also give you a higher conversion rate than a typical pop-up.

It is a good idea to show a pop-up after a user has viewed 80% of a page. Somme’s Scroll Box is a good choice for this.

4. Display a Sticky Top Bar

In this method, your site will display a sticky subscription top bar at all times. It stays at the screen even when a user scrolls down. For top bar services, you can give a go to Hello Bar. This service is used by many big names, such as DIY themes and ProBlogger

5. Offer a Content Upgrade

It is a link magnet offering upgraded value as a reward in return of a subscription. For instance, you have a website where you have an article titled “Best Ways to Get Organic Traffic”. Aside from this, you also offer another article titled “Best Sources to Get a lot of Traffic.” if they choose to subscribe. This trick helps improve conversion rate.

Example: you can go to Lead Pages, which is a great home page solution. Besides, they offer a content upgrade feature too.

6. Stage a Welcoming Home Gate

The homepage or landing page of any site or blog is an authoritative page. It is the most visited page of some sites, so it is a good idea to use it to get as many subscribers as possible.

The home gate can be used to welcome the site visitors and to bribe them to subscribe. Typically, the home page of a site attracts a lot of traffic. According to statistics, the home page can be used to improve the subscription rate by as much as 51.7%.

7. Add a Sidebar

Adding a sidebar helps visitors navigate a site or blog with ease. Moreover, it can be seen on all pages of a blog and is a good place to add a form for subscription.

All you have to do is beautify your sidebar with a subscribe box, and you will get a lot more subscriptions. The fact of the matter is that the top of a website sidebar is an ideal place for this purpose, which can increase your number of subscribers by 26%.

Crafting an Effective Email Marketing Subject Lines

Crafting an Effective Email Marketing Subject Lines

Tips for Subject Lines

Constructing powerful email marketing subject lines is an art, and this job should not be done in a rush since it can have a good or bad impression on the visitors. Below are some tips that you can use for creating subject lines.

Don’t use sales or Overused Words 

Spam filters take immediate action when they find certain words in the subject lines, such as “free”, “help”, “reminder” or “percent off”. Most subscribers tend to ignore these words, so do not use them in the subject lines.

Include Localization 

For improved open rates, consider personalizing a message with the first or last name of a recipient. It is even better if you use a city name too.

Use Different Subject Lines 

Do not use the same subject line repeatedly for a campaign. There is the thing: if the subject line doesn’t tell anything about the content to the subscribers, they will be less likely to check out your campaign.

Keep Subject Lines Short 
If the subject line is short, it will be most likely to be read by the subscribers. Long subject lines take more time to read that can annoy the subscribers. Ideally, the subject line should be shorter or equal to 50 characters.

Tone Down Promotional Emails 

The message should be direct and splashy or promotional phrases. In the same way, phrases in capital letters and subject line exclamation marks will also annoy the visitors. Often, subject lines given as questions work better.

Understand Your Audience

Nowadays, marketers employ various content strategies for engaging audience. In fact, marketing is all about understanding the customers and delivering what they need or want.

The best way to find out what your audience needs is to give information that will engage them. Then you can track them to find out who is after what. You can find out something about your customer with each open and click even if the content is indirectly related to our products or services. On the other hand, you can know nothing if the email is not opened, read or clicked.

Check Before Shooting an Email

Check Before Shooting an Email

There are a few things that you need to check before hitting that “send” button. In other words, you need to double-check a few things prior to sending an email to your listed customers. Here is what you need to do:

Check formatting of your emails: Business emails are formal emails, so don’t use “Hi” or “Hey” as greetings. The right way is to use “Hi Michael”, “Mr.” or “Dr.” for instance. You have to choose what makes sense based on what you know about them.

Proofread: Check your emails even if you are in a rush. Spelling mistakes are often overlooked when we need to send many emails to many different recipients in a short period. Make sure you know where to put “deductible” and “deductable”.

Your company email is not a personal email: your company is authorized to get access to any emails you send any time. So, do not send personal emails through your company’s email. If you need to contact your friends or family, you should log in with your personal email address.

Don’t reply to emails at night: while you might want to respond to emails as soon as possible, but it’s better that you don’t do that at night since it can be counterproductive. At night, you will most likely be tired, thus responding in a sloppy manner. In another situation, your email can be buried in other emails the next day.

How to Setup Your Auto Responder

subscribers in a specific frequency or orders based on your requirement. An auto responder come in handy in many situations. Below are some tips that can help you to use an auto responder for your business.

Choose a quality email marketing service: you can choose Webber for instance as it offers a few very good features:

  • It costs $19 per month. You can check it out for just $1.
  • Webber’s customer service is the best.
  • The auto responder feature of Aweber is easy to configure and use
  • For email delivery, Aweber is on the list of best service providers.

Content for the autoresponder: You need to come up with the content for your autoresponder. Here are some ideas:

  • You can create a How-to Guide about your niche or topic
  • You can create a weekly tips series
  • You can create an eCourse on a good topic

Add content to your autoresponder: As soon as you have created the content, you should add it to the autoresponders.

Follow-up messages: You should schedule follow-up messages to the email list through your selected autorespnoder service. 

For instance, if you have plans to send an email series in 5 parts, you can schedule it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Monitor performance: Once you have set up everything, you may want to monitor your performance and make necessary adjustments.
As said earlier, using autoresponder for email marketing is an ideal way of interacting and engaging with your clients, get leads and make repeat sales.

Analyzing reports

Analyzing reports

Analyzing reports is one of the main parts of an email marketing campaigns. There is no doubt that you will want to know if your email marketing campaign is working. Below are 6 metrics you should track for this purpose:

1) Clickthrough Rate

Clickthrough rate, aka CTR, is one of the first answers you will get from an email marketer for tracking the progress of an email marketing campaign. CTR is known as the most used matric since it allows you to determine the performance of each email you sent. This matric also lets you know the way your click through rate changes with the passage of time.

Besides, CTR is also used to know the A/B test results. These tests are designed to find new methods of getting more email clicks. CTR holds a good deal of importance for all marketers and it gives you a deep insight, so you can find out how many people go over your content and want to learn more about your products or services.

2) Conversion Rate

Once you have your email recipient to click to read your email, your next goal is to get them to take the desired action. In other words, the reader should act according to the call-to-action in the email. For instance, if you send an email with an offer to download a book free, you should consider everyone who downloads the book a possible buyer for your other products. In non-technical language, you can turn those subscribers into customers or clients.

Since the conversation is directly link to the call-to-action, and the call-to-action is directly relate to the goal of your campaign, conversion rate is on the list of most important metrics to determine the success of your email marketing campaign.

3) Bounce Rate                                                                                                       

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of the emails you sent that didn’t land in the box of the target subscribers. You may want to track two types of bounces: “soft” bounces and “hard” bounces. Let’s talk about both.

Soft bounces occur due to a temporary issue with a valid email, such as a faulty server at the receiver’s end or a full inbox. As soon as the problem gets resolved, the recipient side server will deliver the emails, or you can try sending your email messages.

Hard bounces occur due to an invalid, non-existent or closed email address. These emails aren’t delivered successfully, so you should remove hard bounce email addresses right away from your list. This is necessary because Internet Service Providers (ISPs) determine the reputation of the email sender based on the bounce rate. If you get too many bounces, it will make you a spammer in the eyes of the service provider.

4) List Growth Rate

Apart from the CTR metrics, you may want to keep an eye on the list growth rate as well. To improve your reach, growing your list is a great idea. You should also grow your audience and present yourself as a leader in the industry. However, email-marketing lists decay with the passage of time, and their rate of expiry is around 25% each year. It means that you should grow your subscriber list over time. So, keep adding more subscribers to your list and you will see amazing results.

5) Email Sharing/Forwarding Rate

This is another important metric. It is the percentage of your email that is forwarded or shared by your recipients. It may not seem important to you but it is one of the most important metrics that should track on a regular basis.

What is the reason? With a high email-forwarding rate, you get new contacts with the passage of time. The people on your list are in your database. While the conversion carries the most significance, this will not do much to get you new leads. So, you should spur on your readers to share or forward your email to their friends, colleagues and family if they felt the content useful. You should then track the number of new people you can include in your database.

6) Overall Return on Investment (ROI)

Overall ROI (return on investment) is the last most important metric. As with any marketing channel, ROI of an email marketing campaign determines the overall success of your campaign. How can you do it? All you have to do is use an SLA system where you will assign different values to the types of leads based on their chances to generate revenues.

So, this is how you can run an effective email marketing campaign with ease. You can follow the above guide to get more and more subscribers and convert them to leads. If you have already run a campaign, let us know how many leads you generated with it. How much revenue did you generate? What was your actual revenue? Use these metrics to help you know how successful and valuable your email marketing is. I hope that you will get much better at it with time.


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