Ireland’s Digital Future


This 56 page report carried out by Amarach Research for UPC,”  identifies how Irish people, consumers and businesses use the internet and digital technologies, how they intend using it in future and how the Irish internet economy can contribute to overall national competitiveness in the future” This is a great source of valuable & insightful information a most read for all Digital Marketers in Ireland.

Just a few Interesting Insights from report

  • 40% of online shopping is kept in Ireland, 60% goes abroad.
  • 53% of Business in Ireland are influenced by online feedback compared to only 29% in Germany.
  • 56% of Irish Business plan to sell to more customers outside Ireland in the next 1-2 years.
  • Ireland’s internet economy value of €8.4 Bn in 2014 will be worth an estimated €21.1 Bn by 2020.
  • 3 59% of businesses surveyed intend to recruit in the next 18-24 months with a strong emphasis on digital skills
  • 75% of Irish enterprises have websites but as many as 47,000 SMEs / SOHOs are missing out on the digital opportunity


Animated Infographic for the launch of UPC’s Second Report on Ireland’s Digital Future from Isabella Good on Vimeo.


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