Social Networking Report Ireland

Ipso MRBI Quarterly Report (May 2015)

Examines the breakdown of various Social Media Accounts & what % of these Social Media Accounts are used Daily

% Various Social Media Account Owners in Ireland

Facebook Still blazes a trail in Ireland with 60%

Linkedin (24%) is catching up with Twitter (26%) and it must only be a matter of time before it passes it out

What proportion uses them Daily

  • One main Insight that cough my eye was 72% of all Facebook accounts were accessed daily. Hard to overlook Facebook in your digital strategy with these kind of figures.
  • Although Linkedin has nearly surpassed Twitter in relation to Accounts, It performed the worst of all Social channels in relation to daily usage, coming in at a lowly 12%.

Socail 2

Super info graphic, to view in more detail Click below


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