Top 100 Digital Marketing Blogs Explored

100 Digital Marketer Blogs every Digital Marketing should read

The Internet has revolutionized the world. The web is now teaming with billions of websites and blogs. We have taken time to put together a list of top blogs  across the whole digital marketing sphere.

So If you have just started a blog or website or you are a seasoned campaigner you will sure pick up some priceless gems of information from these top blogs,

Feel free to visit them and hone your digital skills. Go ahead and read the list:)

Main Categories


 SEO Blogs

  1. Search Engine Land

search engine land

For top SEO tips, SELand is a big name in the world of SEO. It has news updates on search engine optimization and in my opinion is the best site for SEO information.

2. SEOmoz


A blog operated by top SEO bloggers. This blog is a great resource for tactical and strategic advice.

3. SEOBook


SEOBook is on the list of best SEO blogs. Visit this blog to find out the changing trends in the SEO industry.

4. Search Engine Roundtable


This blog has roundup of industry news, forum topics and SEO discussions. A great resource for SEO optimization.

5. Search Engine Journal


The focus of the blog is on industry news, techniques, tools and resources.

  1. Search Engine Watch

search engine watch

Search Engine Watch is a resource of strategic advice and how-to articles about SEO.

7. Backlinko

backlinko new

This site is jam packed with SEO tip cases studies and brilliant long lasting white hat SEO tactics. Brian Dean writes excellent in debt posts its a must read for any one interested in SEO.

Content Marketing Blogs

  1. Content Marketing Institute


Jam packed with articles, resources,research and even training. Great resource for any content marketer & many identify it as market leader in content marketing.

  1. Quick Sprout


Another great content marketing blog. The blog is managed by Neil Patel. His posts cover content marketing advice and insights.

  1. HubSpot

hub spot

These guys blog is filled with awesome information it covers all aspects of digital marketing but been an inbound marketing company it has some excellent advice on content marketing. You can event take their own inbound training and exam if you want to deep dive in to this area.

  1. Boost Blog Traffic 

Boost Blog Traffic 1

The ex-chief editor of Copy Blogger, Jon Morrow, writes this blog. For content marketing tactics and boosting blog traffic, you can may want to visit his blog.

  1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator 

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This is not a digital marketing blog actually, but content marketing begins with great ideas, and this is what this blog offers. That is why we have put it on content marketing blogs list hopefully it might inspire your next content marketing campaign.

  1. Copyblogger 


Copyblogger has loads of great stuff from all the leading content marketers. recently they released copy blogger authority which is the results of 7 years of Content Marketing. Full of articles, ebooks and podcastscopyblogger will for sure improve your content marketing campaigns.

  1. Idea Launch

ideal launch

This blog is managed by Byron Whyte he believed in content marketing back in 2000. He has grown a large agency since working with global brands. His blog is a great source for ideas and insights.


PPC/Search Engine Marketing

1. PPC Hero

ppc hero

PPC Hero is one of the top PPC blogs. It covers case studies, tips, tricks, experiments and predictions regarding PCC marketing. On this blog, you can find basic tips to advanced automation techniques.

2. WordStream


WordStream publishes detailed, data-oriented posts about PPC management. You can get a lot of knowledge from this blog about PPC marketing.

3. Search Engine Watch

 search engine watch

Matt Cutts pointed out the importance of this blog by saying that it is a “must-read” blog. Kevin Newcomb writes about SEO, SEM and PPC on this blog. So, this blog is an authentic one.

4. iSpionage


iSpionage provides insight into search marketing competitive intelligence and PPC and AdWords campaigns. It’s a useful Pay Per Click blog.

5. Certified Knowledge

certified knowledge

This blog is a comprehensive community for Pay Per Click insight. If you want to read about PPC tools, video lessons about AdWords, detailed guides and industry news, you may want to go for this blog.

6. Boost Media

 boost media

Boost Media’s focus is on the major aspect of PPC: composition of the right message that will trigger emotions of the customer. The actionable posts on this blog focus on PPC marketing in particular.

7. CPC Strategy

cpc strategy

CPC Strategy is a great blog that helps readers drive conversations. Primarily, the focus of the blog Is on latest PPC trends and Google Shopping.

8. Clix Marketing

clix marketing

Clix Marketing has been managing digital advertising campaigns for over ten years now and are experts at using PPC, display and social media adverts. So, naturally, this blog specializes in issues like problem-solving, optimization and growth strategy.

Social Media blogs

1: Buffer Social

buffer social

On the list of social media blogs, Buffer Social is a big name. The blog offers well-researched, quality content that is helpful for beginners and advanced social media marketers.

2: Grow


Grow is one of the greatest social networking blogs that covers thoughtful experiences to help you achieve success in the world of social media blogs.

3: Social Media Examiner

Socail Media Examiner

This Blog is one of my favourites its full of brilliant blog post that covers every social media channel. It full of actionable tips, info graphics and ebooks. This blog is well worth a regular visit especially if you are a social media manager.


4: Convince & Convert

convience and convert

For consistent and quality content about marketing on social media, this blog is a great platform.

5: Social Fresh

socially fresh

Great blog about all aspects of social media covers all channels as the as the name suggests it has great fresh content on a daily basis , brilliant posts that will make you think and want to share with friends.

6: Socially Sorted

socially sorted

Donna Moritz on Socially Sorted shares powerful content that is targeted at social media marketing pros.

7: RazorSocial

razor social

This blog has loads of posts for businesses. Besides, you can find software tool reviews and instructions on how to make use of them.

8: Socail Media Explorer

socail media explorer

A fellow explorer i had to give them a mention:) But they are not here to make up the numbers they have over 2100 excellent articles on their blog. This site is a blog of SME digital agency (Subject Matter Experts) they guys are good at what they do they are experts in their field so take note at what they have to say.

Email Marketing Blogs

1. Return Path Blog

return path

Return the blog provides tips on email marketing. On the blog, you will read about best  practices, innovations, sender reputation and a lot of other articles and case studies. This blog is a comprehensive package for you if you want to improve your email marketing skills.

2. The Email Experience Council Blog

email marketing council

The Email Experience Council manages the blog. The blog tells you all what you need to know about the importance of email marketing for a business and ROI.

3. Litmus


Litmus is a special tool that can be used with an email marketing app for testing and tracking emails with in-depth preview and analytics capabilities. The focus of the blog is on email success metrics for successful campaigns.

4. Email Institute

email institute

Email Institute posts articles about all you need to know regarding digital marketing through email marketing best practices. The blog posts on this blog cover design, reporting and deliverability.

5. Copyblogger


Copyblogger is on the list of top email marketing blogs. The posts are not in-depth but they are still very informative.

6. Email Monday

email monday

The owner of this blog is Jordie van Rijn who is an independent email marketing expert. On his blog, you can find posts about email optimization, email marketing best practices, trends and strategies, just to name a few.

7. MarketingSherpa Blog

marketing sherpa

For marketing pros, MarketingSherpa blog has a dedicated section. Email marketing posts are published twice each month.

Digital Strategy Blogs

 1. Adobe Digital Marketing Blog

adobe digital marketing

This blog is managed by Adobe and is a digital strategy blog hat covers topics related to SEM with a focus on conversion, analytics, mobile, and the like.

2. Aimclear Blog

aim clear

Aimclear blog is one of the top digital strategy blogs. It talks about display advertising, search engine marketing and social media advertising.


brian solis

On this blog, Solis conducts studies and posts articles about the effects of latest technologies on culture, marketing and business.


 brand savant

Written by Tom Webster its all about examining and gaining key insights from the data that is gained from social media, digital and traditional media. Well worth a visit if you are thinking of a new digital strategy will provide you with key insights and ideas.

buffer social

Buffer blog is a top digital strategy blog that offers well researched blog posts about online marketing topics with more focus on social media.

6. Chief Marketing Technologist Blog


On this blog, Scott writes and upload posts about the convergence of conventional technology and marketing.

7. The Copybot


Famworth is the lead Copywriter at Copyblogger Media. On the Copybot blog, he reveals strategies about how to write for the web. This is undoubtedly a great digital strategy blog.

8.Influential Marketing Group


Rohit Bhargava founded this agency, he has worked with global brands the likes of Intel, Lenovo, Unilever, Novartis, Pfizer, and Marriott on communications strategy, storytelling and has written many books on the topic. Thier blog is full of some intresting stuff well worth a look.


Video Marketing Blogs

  1. Digitpro


Tony Zohari manages this online video marketing blog. He shares his video marketing basics and strategies, including tips to create successful professional videos in order to increase sales.

  1. Imagination Media

imagination media

On Imagination Media, Tim Danyo talks about video marketing in the context online content marketing.

  1. Reel SEO


Real SEO is a platform full of resources that will help you take your video marketing to the next level. This is a very entertaining blog with full of informative content. The videos are very friendly.

  1. James Wedmore


James helps video marketers learn how to use YouTube for video marketing. His blog is a centre of valuable tips and strategies to make your videos stand out from the crowd.

  1. Will Video for Food

will video for food

Kevin Nalty is obsessed with videos. You can benefit from his tidbits on the video sharing platform YouTube. On his blog, you can find video marketing news and stuff like stats for convincing you that video marketing is the way to go.

  1. Josh Rimer

josh rimer

Josh is an expert in YouTube marketing. His blog is a must-read for everyone.

  1. Video Brewery

video brewery

Video Brewery will help you create explainer videos. If you have a business, you can use these videos to introduce your products and services. The main focus of the blog is on tips and tricks for great helper videos.

  1. Steve Garfield

off on a tangent

Steve shares valuable insight into video marketing through his blog. He throws some light on the technical side of the video creation too. His blog is great for those who are looking for a way to learn tips, tricks and shortcuts of products.

Digital Marketing General


  1. Top Rank

Top Rank

Started in 2003 these guys have amassed a excellent resource on digital marketing, They have worked with many of the worlds biggest brands and have vast experience across all aspects of digital. They have accumulated a long list of awards which is recognition of their great blog. Its a must visit for any digital marketer.

  1. Smart Insights  

smart insights

This covers all aspects of digital marketing, Dr Dave Chaffey is the principal aruthur but it has many expert contributors to the site. If has it all news, articles so many actionable takeaway, many free downloads templates and examples for all aspects of digital, it is a paid membership to get full access to the all downloads. If you can afford it i would recommend joining they have a huge amount of information, ebooks and templates that will make your life easier as a digital marketer.


  1.  Heidi Cohen

Heidi Choen

Heidi has a great ability of breaking complex marketing concepts in manageable bits size chunks she is also a key note speaker at various marking conferences around the world. Her site is full of brilliant actionable articles and guides in all aspects of digital marketing.

  1. {grow}


The blog encourage digital marketers to focus on using their common sense. You will find best practices for digital marketing on this blog. Besides, you will learn about click ad fraud on Google ads. This is a very good source of information.



  1. Occam’s Razor


Kaushik runs this blog how is known as Mr. Measurement. As a marketer, you can learn from him how to deal with the “search not provided” in the context of Google Keywords. On his blog, you can explore the world of digital marketing. This is one of the best digital blogs.


  1. JeffBullas


The focus of the blog is on helping marketers with “establishing presence on the web”, and making their business visible online through Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogs.

  1. Digital Tonto

digital tonto

Satell who runs this blog specializes in online marketing and technology. His aim is to help marketers understand the industry trends taking practical approach towards marketing strategy.


  1. eConsultancy


eConsultancy global team are at the forefront of the industry and have been working with global brands providing training, research and events for years. Their blog is full of great posts across a wide range of digital marketing topics well worth signing up to their newsletter.

Mobile Marketing

  1. Bluetrain Mobile


This blog covers mobile marketing strategies. It offers tips and round-ups at the end of the week about optimizing websites for mobile phones. They have a lot of free tools and white papers.

  1. Mobile Marketer

mobile commerce

Mobile Marketer, as the name suggests, offers mobile marketing news and tips for advertising. Besides, they offer a lot of tips for starters as well as advanced users.

  1. Forrester Mobile Marketers


This blog offers blog posts that cover everything about mobile marketing strategies. The content is robust with excellent information about all areas of mobile marketing, apps and websites.

  1. Mobivity


Mobivity has been offering helpful strategies for mobile marketing since 2007. They provide mobile marketing solutions for local businesses, entertainment and sports industries.

  1. Mobify


Mobify is a great product. Their solutions let you optimize your site for mobile phones, tablets and other devices. Recently, they rolled out Mobify Studio that is a great open source solution for cell phones.

  1. The Digby BlogandThe Mobile Retail Blog


The Digby Group operates The Mobile Retail Blog regarding the “intersection of retail and mobility”. However, they also offer mobile location-oriented marketing tips.

  1. Text Sprout Mobile Marketing Blog


On Text Sprout, you can get a lot of mobile marketing services, and they offer practical tips in easy to understand language. They add new content on a regular basis.

  1. Ericsson Mobile Commerce


Ericsson is an international leader in cell phone and communication technologies. Their blog gives information about how the technology can be used to enhance global issues like poverty and human rights.

Copywriting Blogs

  1. copyblogger


This blog is full of content related to copywriting, and it’s main focus is on copywriting. Well worth a read to get hint and tip from the experts,

  1. Dean Rieck’s Pro Copy Tips

procopy tips

If you have to put together advertising, marketing or similar writing, you can find this blog very helpful.

  1. Kristen King’s Inkthinker


This is a great blog with high quality posts about copywriting. If you want to become a quality copywriter, you must read this blog.

  1. Bob Bly’s Blog


This blog offers all what you need to know about copywriting. This is one of the best copywriting blogs out there.

  1. Brian Clark’s copyblogger


This blog offers tips on content writing, content marketing, copywriting, email marketing and internet marketing.

  1. Peter Stone’s Blog


On his blog, Peter Stone says, “You are just one sales letter away from wealth”. He offers compelling tips on how to do copywriting well.

  1. Dianna Huff’s B2B MarCom Writer Blog


Another great addition to our list of copywriting blogs.

  1. Charles Brown’s Dynamic Copywriting


This blog contains highly informative content about copywriting. If you want to make a start as a copywriter, feel free to read this blog on a regular basis.

Web design blogs

  1. Web Designer Depot


The blog was started in 2010. Since then, it has become quiet a popular web design blog. They cover a variety of categories and topics related to web design, such as News, Design Tutorials, Web Dev, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, and inspiration, to name a few.

  1. Web Design Ledger

web design ledger

This blog was started by Henry Jones. It offers informative posts on web design, and the categories include tutorials, news, resources, tools, tips and freebies.

  1. Patrick McNeil


Patrick McNeil is a very good UX designer-cum-professor who writes on a variety of design related topics. For great insights into web designing, do visit his blog.

  1. Designerfix

design frix

This blog revolves around web design and graphic. The main topics of the blog are resources, freebies, tutorials and inspiration.

  1. Creative Overflow

creative overflow

This is an online design magazine, which was founded in 2009. The only purpose of the blog is to inspire artists to improve themselves through creative resources and inspiration which is alawys essential for good web design.

  1. Just Creative

 just creative

The blog is run by a multi-purpose, experienced graphic design. He has an impressive portfolio, knowledge base and career. His blog covers a range of web design related stuff, such as log design, web design, branding, typography, print design, and advertising, just to name but a few.

  1. Web Design Tuts+

web design tuts

Web Design Tuts+ offers various tutorials. It covers Photoshop, CSS, HTML, Workflow, Complete Websites,

  1. Vandelay Design


This blog has been around for years now and covers lots of useful topics for web designers. The topics include Web Dev, Business, WordPress, and Inspiration.

eCommerce blogs

1. GetElastic


The go to blog for all your latest ecommerence news,tips,insights and advice and it publishes content 3 times a week. Covers every aspect of ecommerence and is worth of the praise from the wall street journal and one of the 15 must read entrepenuer blogs.

2. eCommerceFuel

ecommerce fuel

eCommerceFuel tells the success story of Andrew and his strategies to build a successful e-business. On his blog, you can get your hands on his free ebook, a video training course and a podcast.

3. A Better Lemonade Stand


The blog covers topics, such as selection and validation of a product for sale, decision on whether to go for dropship, wholesale or manufacture, or whether to negotiate with the manufacturer.

4. Practical Ecommerce

practical ecommerce

If you want to follow just one main blog in the area, go for Practical Ecommerce. It talks about all sides of ecommerce, such as design, social media, shopping carts, conversion and marketing.

5. The Shopify Blog


With Shopify been one of the major ecommerence platforms its no surprise that its  blog offers high quality content, relevant articles & advice for small ecommerce business.

6. Bootstrapping Ecommerce

bootstraping commerce

Shabbir Nooruddin offers very practical tips and strategies to help you develop you ecommerce store. Lately, he covers topics realted to email subscribers to an ecommerce store. He also explains how to get backlinks for your site.

7. The Help Scout Blog

help scout

This blog is a good customer service solution. You may want to consider using it for your ecommerce business. The blog talks about customer service strategies and tactics.

8. The Buffer Blog

buffer blog

Buffer posts articles about productivity, business and life hacks. It’s not about ecommerce but gives out important information about productivity and creativity in business which will help you with your overall eCommerce strategy.

Analytic s Blogs

1. Analytics Talk

analytics blog

Analytics Talk is owned by Justin Cutroni who is an Analytics Advocate at Google. So, he offers reliable, authentic information about this topic.

2. Analytics Ninja


Yhoshua Coren blog offer a real insights in to Google analytics although he doesn’t post that often his content is excellent and you will alawys pick up some gold nuggets of information from him.

3. Crazy Egg

the daily egg

The analytics section on the blog gives out important information about relation between conversion optimization and analytics.

4. Google Analytics

google analytics

Since this is the official Google Analytics blog, it has up-to-date information about the features, and case studies of Google Analytics.

5. SEO Takeaways

optimize smart

On this blog, you can read about SEO, PPC and analytics. Besides, it has some important information and insight into Analytics.

6. Hubspot


Hubspot is popular for its quality information on the analytics area of the blog. Aside from general analytics of marketing, it talks about metrics and conversion with focus on social media ROI.

7. KISSmetrics

kiss metrics

KISSmetrics has a people-focused approach to analytics. The blog provides resources, funnels, and insights on how analytics can  growth of business.

8. Mixpanel

bullshit metrics

The blog publishes posts about metrics to help marketers have a strong undersanding of analytics and metrics.


UX (User Experience) blogs

  1. Nielsen Norman Group


The articles about UX on this blog are very insightful backed with in-depth research and examples. You can also subscribe to the “Alertbox Newsletter”.

  1. UX Booth

ux booth

US Booth is a quality blog. The writers post articles containing insights into user experience. All the articles are long and full of references, well-researched content and suggestions.

  1. UX Movement

ux movement

This UX blog is focused on user interface, especially how UI can affect user behavior. The detailed concepts are presented via visual examples.

  1. Boxes and Arrows

boxes and arrows

This blog gives more important to quality than quantity. Each article is well-researched and thoughtful discussing topics, such as information architecture, interaction design and business design.

  1. Usabilla


The posts on this blog are unique and interesting. But the real benefit comes from the “best of” complication series, which highlights quality articles from the web.

  1. Smashing Magazine

smashing magazine

Smashing Magazine is a classic resource for those working in the technology industry. The UX Design section of the blog has articles that give you amazing information.

  1. UX Pin

ux pin

UX Pin has a great blog with great content related to user experience. It also offers free e-books.

  1. UX Magazine

ux magazines

UX Magazine is one of the top UX User experience blog. It offers “How-to posts as well as opinion pieces.

So if you got to the end of this well done:) , these 100 blogs offers brilliant information and a go to resource that will help you in your day to day activities of been a digital marketer. If you think of any other blogs that should be included feel free to leave a comment and i will add it lets try and put together a super list!!

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