Top 5 Free Digital Marketing Courses

Anthony J. D’Angelo, Vice Preseident of sales and marketing at InterTrade Systems, Inc., says: “develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” When it comes to online marketing, your ability to stand out determines your success.  Whether you’re a marketer or an entrepreneur, learning digital marketing skills are critical. Even if you have a competent in-house marketing department, your working knowledge of digital marketing will help your team launch more successful and relevant campaigns.


As people are increasingly going online to find information, digital marketing has become a key platform to promote and grow brands. If you want to give your marketing career a boost or help your business grow, learn how to leverage digital channels and tools. What follows are the top 5 free digital marketing courses that will refine your digital marketing skills


Social Media Quickstarter


Social media is about people talking to other people. Every time you say something on social media, it can be heard by thousands, if not millions, who might be interested in what you’re doing. Social media is an inseparable part of any successful digital marketing learning endeavor; and when it comes to free learn opportunities, Social Media Quickstarter is the course you need. It provides all of the essential information together at one place organized in step-by-step guidance.


You can study these lessons to master digital marketing strategies for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, online listings and blogging. The courses are developed in a manner that beginner-level marketers can fully understand them without any additional assistance. Comprehensively compiled ‘how-to’ guides coupled with real-time examples of the lessons at hand make it fun to learn and apply your knowledge.



Hubspot Marketing Courses


Opportunities are numerous if you want to learn and grow your business. Hubspot Academy is one of the best platforms to learn inbound marketing tactics. From social media and marketing automation to lead management and content marketing, you can sign up for a number of free courses and start learning right away.


Hubspot delivers detailed lectures through short videos and offers a test at the end of every course to determine how much knowledge you have retained. You will be given a certificate if you perform well in the final exam. Some of their popular courses include:




WordStream’s PPC University


PPC University is an incredible one-stop solution to master the art of PPC and learn all the ins and outs of paid advertising. Whether you’re just starting out your marketing career or wrapping your head around PPC to promote your business online, PPC University offers easy-to-browse lessons for both advanced users and beginners.


PPC University organizes its free Google Adwords training program into three categories: PPC 101, PPC 102, and Advanced PPC.  You can start with any category depending on your current PPC knowledge. Tips, recommendations, PPC tools, whitepaper, and webinars will help you along the way.


So many small and medium-sized companies struggle to manage their PPC campaigns in a way that is affordable and generate the best results. If you’re one of them, it’s time to take advantage of PPC University.



Google’s Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge


It’s hard to find a trusted and free digital marketing learning source better than Google itself. Google’s Online Marketing Challenge is a great experimental learning platform where teams of students (2 to 5 members) from graduates and undergraduates program can register under a verified instructor. The good thing about this challenge is that students can interact with organizations and evaluate their advertising needs and their existing campaigns.


Over the course of at least a month, the teams of students build and implement various online marketing campaigns for non-profit organizations. Google provides students AdWord budget to use over a 3-week period to run these online marketing campaigns. Teams who perform exceptionally well may have the opportunity to feature their story in Google’s Social Impact Spotlight Series.


More than 100,000 students have participated in this program over the last few years. If you’re a team of students want to learn digital marketing in an experimental and challenging way, try out Google Ad Grants Online Marketing and get exposure to online marketing landscape using real money.



Alison Diploma in E-Business


With the growing need for a sound online presence, it has become imperative for organizations to learn how to stand out. Alison is where marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and students can learn how email marketing, social media, and other online marketing channels help increase brand awareness, promote business and reach a wider audience.


Alison a huge online learning community with over 6 million registered users. If you want to learn how to build and apply a truly professional online marketing strategy without spending a buck, join Alison Diploma in E-Business which is one of the most popular Alison’s courses.


From search engine optimization and Google Analytics to AdWords and email marketing, this diploma will surely help you refine your online marketing skills.


Honorable mentions


The online world is massive with truly endless learning opportunities. While we have covered the top 5 free digital marketing courses, the following platforms are also helpful:


  • Udemy
  • Canvas
  • Cousera
  • Lynda


Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving industry where things get obsolete too quickly. Something effective and trendy in 2019 might become completely useless by 2025. Therefore, it’s important to keep your marketing knowledge updated so you can capitalize on emerging technologies and tactics.


Millions of marketers and entrepreneurs use free online marketing lessons to improve their skills on the go. Feel free to join them on a road to success.


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