Top Tips on How to Improve your Quality Score

If you don’t know, then you are missing the big league.

Quality Score has a deep effect on the cost and effectiveness of paid search campaigns. This can be seen as how your credit can affect your loan and interest rate.  This score dictates how your ad campaign will go and how much will you have to pay for each click.

To help you increase the quality score of your ad, we are giving you the following tips that will help you to understand better this score and improve it.

how to improve quality score


As the Quality Scores determine where and how often your ad will be shown, therefore it is important to keep working on improving the score. The following are pillars of quality score, and we are going to tell you how to leverage them to improve your overall score.

  • Keywords Research
  • Keyword Organization
  • Refining Ad Text
  • Optimization of Landing Pages
  • Add Negative Keywords

Check Your Score

This is the most important tip of all. To improve your quality score, you have to see for what it is at the moment. You have to learn if you are bidding on a keyword that will get you a higher score or not. Also, you need to realize what’s going on with your account. The following tips will help you get a hold of all these.

  • Sign in Your AdWords Account
  • Choose the Campaign you are currently working in
  • Click on the Keywords Tab
  • Click on Columns in Toolbar right below in Keywords tab that you have just clicked
  • Choose the Customization Columns
  • Select Qual.Score Box and you will see a little check mark after checking it
  • Save when you are done and now you can see your current quality score

how to improve quality score

Tightly Theme Your AdGroups

You have to organize tightly all your keyword if you want to get a better quality score.  Ideally, you should add a 2-5 keyword in each AdGroup. It is better than having a way to more or less keyword in only one group.

In case one of your keywords doesn’t match the others in a group, you should create another group for that keyword.  This is not bad. Instead, it is a sign that you are getting organized. It certainly helps for boosting your quality score.

Put Misspelled Keywords in a Separate AdGroup

When it comes to putting together tightly themed groups, you have to make sure you create a separate group just for misspelled keywords. Do this to keep the overall quality of your AdGroup intact while getting rid of misspelled ones to another group.

how to improve quality score

Target a Specific Ad Copy for Each and Every Group

Every AdGroup you create should have a different ad copy. You need to organize each one with two different ages that are targeted and written for the one group. Do this and you will keep the keywords per AdGroup low which will dramatically increase the value of all keywords in your campaign.

This will also make sure that your ads will match to all keywords in the group. If one of your keywords is not matching the specific ad, you have to create a new AdGroup for a special keyword.

Landing Pages According to the AdGroups

The fact is, Every AdGroup needs its own landing page. You don’t have to create a new page for every single one, but it can be an already existing page that can be used for this purpose. Whatever you got, you have to make sure it is especially about the keyword you are bidding on and contain the keywords that are on the page you bid.

how to improve quality score

Place Two Ads Instead of One

This is something you won’t hear everywhere, but it will help you to test everything you do. If you have two different ads running at same time, you will need to know which ad is converting better and in return, allows you to convert better. It will also allow you to spend more money. Better, it will allow you to invest more money in your business and get a better return. Return such as a higher quality score.

Place Keywords in Landing Page

In case you are sending a link to your main page to everyone you know, then you have to stop. This is strictly not the ideal thing you should do. What you need to do is have specific landing pages on the website that are set up especially for keywords and Ad Groups you are working at the moment.

If you do this, you will not only improve your quality score. Instead, you will also improve bounce rate, conversion, time on site and other such things.

When you are putting together a page, you should not always stack it with a pile of keywords. Yes, you don’t have 100 keywords on only one page. Instead, you should make 5-10 keywords on a page. This will result in quality and content right content. It will improve the overall value and quality score of your website.

If Something Doesn’t Work out, You Better Call Google

It’s not something new that keywords get low quality just because they match a trending subject or a popular brand. If this is your case, then be prepared because you will be losing quality score. So what to do here. All you can do is call Google and be honest about your problem.

The obvious answer you will get is there is nothing you can do about this but check for the problem itself. So if you act on this advice seriously, you can boost up your quality score in just a matter of days.

The fact is, improving your quality score is no a brain science. If you carefully follow the guidelines of Google, then you won’t have this problem, at first, place. But if somehow you fail, and you are suffering from the low-quality score, and then the best thing you can do is the tips mentioned above.  Do this and you have increased your quality score in no time at all!


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